Pastor Gregg Sanders was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and is what he calls “a city boy with a country heart.”  Lady Sherry Sanders was born and raised in Bessemer, Alabama (near Birmingham) and is a true Crimson Tide fan.  They are veterans of the marriage circuit with 34 years (December 2019), and have three wonderful children from this union: Stephen (32), Aaron (26), and Tiffany (21). 


Pastor Sanders is a retired US Army veteran, a current federal employee with DOE, and has a bachelor degree in Applied Organizational Leadership from MNU.  Lady Sherry Sanders is also a military veteran with four years of active service, but choose the military spousal route to support their home life and her own federal career goals.  Lady Sanders has a Bachelor of Social Work degree from UMSL and is currently a self-employed entrepreneur.


Pastor Sanders is an Ordained Elder and Lady Sanders is a Licensed Evangelist Missionary with the COGIC.  Both have served in ministry for over 26 years in numerous capacities; Elder Sander has specifically served as an Interim Pastor, Assistant Pastor, Youth Pastor, Minister of Worship, Bible/Sunday School Teacher, and other administrative positions. 


They are the founders and the lead servants of Greater Than Life Ministries in Gardner, Kansas; which was established in October 2017.

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What is Greater Than Life Ministries? 

It is a place where energetic praise, pure worship, relevant teachings, and real connections occur.

It is a place where you can be yourself and grow into who GOD has called you to be.

It is a place where love is expressed, not just within walls, but to others in outreach and service.

A place where we learn to

  • Walk in Greater Faith, fully trusting GOD.

  • Possess a Greater Joy, a true sense of inner peace and contentment

  • Operate in Greater Love, Looking beyond faults to needs, in our desire to serve GOD.


It is a place where this Greater Faith, Greater Joy, and Greater Love combine in a divine application allowing us to experience the Greater Than Life that GOD promises.

Greater Than Life Ministries is the culmination of HIM giving HIS life to us, so that our life will be Greater.